Installation Instructions

Only qualified personal, familiar with pressure relief valves should perform all installations and/or maintenance.

  • Turn off operations system and enable all pressure to bleed thru prior to installation.
  • Remove all thread protectors and plugs from the valve.
  • Valves should ONLY be installed in an upright position, allowing for correct reseating of the valve disk upon opening or popping.
  • Clean connecting area of all dirt and grime.
  • Apply a small amount or piping compound to the valve inlet side. Keeping away from the first few threads Tighten valve by hand to ensure proper thread alignment.
  • Using the proper sized wrench on the hex shaped valve body; tighten to a firm or snug setting.
  • Discharge piping MUST be equal to or larger than the outlet size of the valve; ensuring the flow-rated characteristics are not compromised. (sizing and discharge).
  • Discharge piping MUST be designed to anchor and secured in a manner to prevent swaying, rattling or vibration.

If the valve is venting to atmosphere, take all necessary steps to ensure that the outlet (discharge) is pointed in a direction away from personnel or critical equipment.

When testing a valve, the lift lever is designed to be opened only when the system pressure is at 80% of the set pressure (popping or cracking) point.

Keep the valve in an open position for a period of time, long enough to ensure the cleansing of the seating area.

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Installation / Instruction Sheets:

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